Sealing Materials and construction plastics

Water cutting, Laser, CNC Machining


Thermal properties:
Low conductivity index, for this reason it is treated as thermal insulator. Non-flammable and heat resistant up to 260 °C for unlimited long periods.

WElectric properties:
Has excellent dielectric properties within wide range of temperature and frequency. PTFE, almost completely not absorbing water, keeps continuously its properties even by long lasting weather influence.

Mechanical properties:
Within temperature from 19 °C till 21 °C material has ist transition point defined by structure change that results in volume change by nearly 1%. Other characteristic is lack of adhesion and low friction index by high load.

It is used as regeneration, sealing material and also for mechanical construction (in medicine, chemical and ship-building industries).

TARFLEN - a registered mark of Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnów

PTFE oilclothes

Low friction index, high thermal resistance, high mechnical strength, chemical resistance, electrostatic resistance, puncture endurance.

For PVC welding,used in chemical, food, clothing and furniture industries, also for production of packaging and plastics moulding.

Types of oilclothes:

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