Sealing Materials and construction plastics

Water cutting, Laser, CNC Machining

Polyamide, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetal

Polyamid PA (Ertalon, Tarnamid)

High rigidity and mechanical strength, high strain resistance in thermal burden, good fatigue endurance, excellent abrasion endurance, very good endurance of electric insulation, high capacity of vibration dumping, very high impact resistance..

It is used for production of wide range of details used in industry both original and spare parts, e.g. sleeves and slide bearing, abrasive pads, balls for slides, rolls for conveyors, rollers, ball bushing, pulleys and pulley pads, cams, washer springs, hammers, scrapers, gear wheels, tooth for chain wheels, sealing rings, lead screws, machine cutting plates, insulators, etc.


High mechanical strength, low friction index, abrasion endurance, inertness, rigidity.


Polyvinyl acetal

High mechanical strength and elasticity. Excellent workability, high shape endurance (low water absorption), good glide properties and abrasive endurance, good electric insulating and dielectric properties, inertness, resistance for solvents and chemicals with pH more than 4, flammable, lack of self-extinguishing properties.

Material is both in pure form and with fillers. Polyvinyl acetals C and H are of white or black colours.

Gear wheels, cams, bearings and rollers, valve seats, fastening elements, all types of precise parts of machines resistant to deformations, parts continuously operating in water in temperature 60-80°C

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